Today March 19th 2021, Miracor Medical announced agreements with GADA Italia and New Medical Solutions to act as their Italian distribution partners for the PiCSO® therapy. 

The agreements will enable a collaborative commercial partnership in Italy focusing on therapy development, structured tender management, and market access & reimbursement programs. New Medical Solutions will represent Miracor in the south-eastern Italian region of Puglia where a commercial regional tender for PiCSO has already been granted, while GADA Italia will cover the rest of the Italian regions. 

The prior experience of both distributors in introducing novel technologies with the requisite focus on physician training, and a measured commercial approach through highly qualified centers of excellence, was a key factor in their assignment. Since receiving the CE-Mark in 2020, Miracor’s European commercial strategy in 2021, has been focused on a limited market introduction while the pivotal European randomized trial (PiCSO-AMI-I) finalizes recruitment. By building the strong foundations of success in a small number of expert hospitals in key geographies, Miracor intend to broaden the launch in 2022 and beyond, in parallel with further trials in the USA, and in Europe and the Nordic region.

PiCSO is an innovative medical device designed to improve the outcomes and quality of life of patients presenting with acute myocardial infarction with elevation of the ST segment (STEMI).

The PiCSO Impulse system is composed of: 

  • The PiCSO Impulse Console, monitoring the procedure and tracking the coronary sinus pressure; 
  • The PiCSO Impulse Catheter (8Fr), inserted through a femoral vein to access the coronary sinus; 
  • Some detachable components including a Coronary Sinus pressure cable, an ECG cable and helium gas cartridge. 

The PiCSO benefits:

PiCSO reduces infarct size and improves clearance of the microcirculation in STEMI patients by intermittently occluding the coronary sinus during Primary PCI. This intermittent occlusion allows the redistribution of blood flow from normal perfused areas to deprived myocardium, the clearing of microvascular obstruction as well as an enhanced washout of deleterious agents from the microcirculation.  

If you have interest in learning more about PiCSO, please complete the following form or reach out directly to GADA Italia (marketingcvs@gadagroup.com) or New Medical Solutions (Puglia).


To download a brochure with more details on the PiCSO technology, mechanism of action and clinical evidence, click HERE.


For more than 40 years, Gada Italia has been the reference point for public and private hospitals, clinics, university centers and purchasing groups, in the distribution of innovative medical technologies on behalf of the top worldwide manufacturers. Thanks to its long history of excellence in health care assistance, Gada Italia has acquired a solid knowledge of the cardiovascular sector, specializing in the distribution of medical devices of high therapeutic value. The areas served for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases are: cardiovascular, blood management, intensive care, neuromodulation, dialysis, infusion.

Gada Italia website: https://gadaitalia.com/  


New Medical Solutions was founded more than 40 years ago as a regional distributor across the cardiovascular field. During these years they dedicated their efforts to support the needs of their customers and their patients providing the technologies, products and services to improve clinical outcomes and the patients quality of life. In 2016, New Medical Solutions invested significantly to build the resources enabling national distribution, with a specialized sales and clinical organization to provide excellent support across Italy. They focus on bringing the most innovative cardiovascular technologies to the market while supporting their customers in the adoption of the technologies to become the standard of care. 

To reach the team, please send a request to info@newmedicalsolutions.it.